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What’s in your backyard?


With plans in place to launch a reality TV concept for “Toxic Soup” within the year, we want to know what’s in your backyard, so please submit your stories, videos and pictures to us via mbdfilms@gmail.com. To my surprise I discovered that CNN and Sanjay Gupta have launched a similar segment — minus the punk rock fun and spirit of “Toxic Soup” — dubbed “Toxic America.”

Back in April we invited Sanjay to our premiere at the Atlanta Film Festival — right in CNN’s backyard — but he was unable to attend. However, several other CNN employees were in attendance and received our information kit / packet. Now I’m not saying that CNN hijacked our idea, but the timing does seem rather coincidental. In any event, it seems like we lit a fire under their butts, and although we didn’t get a plug, at least the information is getting out to the public. Below Sanjay visits Mossville, Louisiana.

What Sanjay doesn’t mention about Mossville, Louisiana is that it too was the subject of a killer documentary “Blue Vinyl” that came out in 2002. An official selection of the Sundance Film Festival, Hot Docs and the Artivist Film Festival, among others, “Blue Vinyl” focuses on the ill effects caused by vinyl chloride. For their masterful work directors Daniel B. Gold and Judith Helfland were nominated for two Emmy’s, and it’s a documentary that I highly recommend. Thanks to the folks at the Environmental Oncology Center at the University of Pittsburgh for recommending the film to me; it was funny, educational and inspiring, so put it on your Netflix queue ASAP.

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